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When most people think of art, they picture a painting hanging on the wall of some fancy gallery, or maybe they think of a sculpture standing in the middle of an immaculate garden, but to me, art is represented through every building around us. The time, care and precision that goes into architecture and design is just as beautiful, and precise as the most celebrated pieces of visual art out there. I decided after years of formulating my appreciation of these things to blog, and getting the word out there for others who may share my passion to find a place to have discussions of this matter, to bring up the buildings and bridges we’ve seen that have struck a chord with us.

I assume the best place for me to start is at the beginning of why and how I came to this level of appreciation for architectural art, and what first spurned this love. As with most things in life that we grow to appreciate, it all started with my parents, my dad specifically. He drew up blueprints for a major building company, and watching him for hours on end at hid desk, all forms of rulers and protractors strewn around the room, trying to get a design just right, was always something that interested me. I would see him start with a blank piece of paper, and eventually create a space that would house thousands, out of thin air and the imagery in his mind. I would see these transform from thoughts on paper, to actual buildings over the span of my childhood, to have been there at the moment of creative inception, and there again to see it come to fruition.

When he had to come up with a concept drawing for a pitch, the entire building would be drawn out as it’s completed form, trees, benches, walkways, like he was creating a sketch of a place that he was staring at constantly, and yet this building didn’t exist anywhere but his own mind. It’s hard not to put that into the same category as any other piece of art. To take something from the recesses of your brain and to make it a reality. These are the things that first spawned my love of architecture in general.

The final piece of the puzzle was when I was fresh out of high school and took a trip to Europe. I wanted to some some of the old gothic architecture there, and especially a building that I had been in love with my entire life, the Notre Dame cathedral. And I tell you, when I was there, standing a few hundred yards away and staring at the building in all its glory, it was a truly awakening moment. This amazing piece of property that went from an idea, to a standing structure for hundreds of years, it was the final piece I needed to truly give myself over to my passion. Since then I have travelled all over, and travelled locally, to find the best pieces I could.

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