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It’s funny that I spent so much time in my last blog piece talking about my appreciation for roofs, because not even two days after posting that article, I had to bring my attention to my own roof. I was at my computer working on a piece for a different writing gig that I have, when all of a sudden a large drop of water hit my keyboard. I was kind of staring at it with mild confusion before another hit, and then another. Looking up, there was a small black splotch on the ceiling of my office, and upon further investigation in my attic, I had apparently developed quite a leak up there that needed to be tended to quickly.

Now, the next step I took may sound a little foolish, but it’s the way I went about things. In knowing that I needed a professional roofer for my task at hand, I began to look up local companies on the internet. When I had their relative pages loaded, I skipped over all their relevant information, all the speak of experience and more, and went straight to their imagery. I started to narrow down the selection of company to do my work based on how good their previous roofing jobs looked. Not only in terms of repairs and such, but items that they had created from scratch. And hey, if it looked good as a finished product, it must have also worked to some degree right? It was only after seeing their handiwork did I bother looking further into their actual qualifications. Yeah, I know, kind of backward but that’s who I went about it.

After spending a few hours looking around on various sites, I started to really narrow down the field of choice for some reason or another in the process of elimination until I had one company standing. A local roofing company called Citadel Roof. The previous work that they had done looked great, and reading further into their experience and such, I knew I was making a decent choice in a local crew that really cared about roofs. I called them later the next day, and they were on my property in hours to give everything a once over and come up with an estimate. After their walkthrough was done, a fine chap sat down with me and talked out the process, he gave a number I was satisfied with, and I gave them the go ahead.

It turned out repairing my leak wasn’t all that big of a job, and took them next to no time to get completed. The great part about it though, was getting to strike up a conversation with the roofer afterward. I lamented in my last post how I wanted to be able to pick the brain of one who comes up with designs, and my roofer was more than happy to allow it. I got to learn many things about the design process that I will use in a mater post to bring more information to you all.

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